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GOLEM was created for the Lone Wolf Solo TTRPG Jam MK2 and has grown considerably since then. This is now a complete version.

What is GOLEM?

GOLEM is a solo roleplaying game designed to tell stories about a being twisted by magic who travels the lands to right the wrong.

GOLEM is different to other roleplaying games because it:

  • Resolves uncertain outcomes with playing cards via quick action draws aiming to beat a 7 with partial success built into the system.
  • Incorporates a free-form magic system that relies on building sets of cards.
  • Uses progress track-inspired tools to govern activities that require continued effort such as delving into a dungeon or fighting a monstrous beast.
  • Includes a loose and light and strange world for your adventures but is easily adaptable to any fantasy setting that includes magic.
  • Focuses on shorter adventures that takes place in a generated hex region. One adventure, one region.


  • "Overall, there is a ton of support for players in the game." - CroakersRPGCorner, Feb. 2023

What do you Receive?

  • 42 page .pdf that is complete with bookmarks and internal links.
  • A version of the .pdf is available with all black text on a white non-textured background.
  • Two player sheets: one for the golem and one for the region.
  • Quick reference sheet with regularly references tables.
  • Rules that govern adventures in randomly generated hex maps.

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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GOLEM 1.0 Digital.pdf 16 MB
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GOLEM_CharacterSheet.pdf 1 MB
GOLEM_CharacterSheet_PrinterFriendly.pdf 889 kB
GOLEM_RegionSheet_PrinterFriendly.pdf 74 kB
GOLEM_QuickReference.pdf 2 MB
GOLEM_QuickReference_PrinterFriendly.pdf 2 MB

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Hi! I run an Instagram channel where we give honest reviews of games and books! I'll gladly trade a Community Copy for a review!

Hey IamTheLibrarian, 

I'll add 10 copies so please feel free to grab one and I would love to view your review :) .


Sweet! Thank you! I'll have the review up soon

Our handle is gllgamesandbooks. Give us a follow if you're interested~ ^^


I loved this game! The setting is simple, but super evocative. Just enough detail to make you feel totally immersed and get your creativity going. Like what is a squid bag?? I've played for about 6 hours across 3 sessions and can totally keep going. Well done!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Seamonsmer!

Hearing you find joy in the world of GOLEM has inspired me :) .

How have you found the mechanics? Is there anything you have changed or found to be lackluster?


I really enjoyed the mind/body/gear card stack system. Personally, I prefer oracles that include lots of "yes, but" "no, and", etc. so I used a dice-powered oracle for my yes/no questions. They help kickstart storytelling better than a simple yes/no for me, but with the cards I was getting mostly yes/no.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind when I release the next update :) .


Promising. Love RPGs with cards :) 

Thank you! If you have any feedback or thoughts, I would love to hear it :) .