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GOLEM was created for the Lone Wolf Solo TTRPG Jam MK2 and was an opportunity for me to experiment more with playing cards! This is an early version of the game and I expect some things to change as I receive feedback and continue play testing. Purchases of this version of the game will entitle you to any future updates for free!

What is GOLEM?

GOLEM is a solo roleplaying game designed to tell stories about a being twisted by magic who travels the lands to right the wrong.

GOLEM is different to other roleplaying games because it:

  • Resolves uncertain outcomes with playing cards via quick action draws aiming to beat a 7 or complex action draws that involve making sets.
  • Incorporates a free-form magic system that relies on building sets of cards.
  • Utilises procedures to govern play and elicit the tone of GOLEM stories.
  • Focuses on shorter adventures that takes place in a generated hex region. One adventure, one region.

What do you Receive?

  • 30 page .pdf that is complete with bookmarks and internal links.
  • Rules that govern adventures in randomly generated hex maps.


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GOLEM_Ashcan_v0.6.pdf 14 MB
GOLEM_CharacterSheet.pdf 1 MB
GOLEM_CharacterSheet_PrinterFriendly.pdf 889 kB

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I loved this game! The setting is simple, but super evocative. Just enough detail to make you feel totally immersed and get your creativity going. Like what is a squid bag?? I've played for about 6 hours across 3 sessions and can totally keep going. Well done!

Thank you so much for the kind words, Seamonsmer!

Hearing you find joy in the world of GOLEM has inspired me :) .

How have you found the mechanics? Is there anything you have changed or found to be lackluster?


I really enjoyed the mind/body/gear card stack system. Personally, I prefer oracles that include lots of "yes, but" "no, and", etc. so I used a dice-powered oracle for my yes/no questions. They help kickstart storytelling better than a simple yes/no for me, but with the cards I was getting mostly yes/no.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind when I release the next update :) .


Promising. Love RPGs with cards :) 

Thank you! If you have any feedback or thoughts, I would love to hear it :) .